Customer Testimonials


I could not praise enough the incredible service and assistance provided to me by All Brands Consulting. When it comes to going to car dealerships I dread the experience completely. But after a fantastic recommendation from a friend I went from being without a car due to an unforseen accident to being delivered a new 2018 Toyota Tacomo Sport with all the trimmings without ever leaving the house. Due yourselves a favor and leave the headache of a dealership behind and let Carolyn and her team work their magic! 5 star service indeed!


Wow! What an amazing service Carolyn provides! Literally Door to Door service! Carolyn got me the best price and made the process so easy, it was almost hard to believe! But my new car was delivered this afternoon and I’m thrilled. This is definitely how we will be getting cars in the future. Thank you so much Carolyn! If you are in the market for a new car don’t hesitate to reach out to Carolyn.


Leasing my car through this firm was probably one of the best—if not the best—shopping experiences I’ve ever had. The owner, Carolyn, is knowledgeable, prompt (via phone/email/text), and thorough, and she exuded none of the “pushiness” for which car dealerships can be known. I was able to shop for a leased vehicle virtually, and Carolyn delivered my car to my home. I learned of her company — which I highly recommend!! — via another pleased customer on Facebook (after posting what I was seeking) and since then have heard other positive reviews.


I can not begin to describe how amazing my experience with Carolyn was. She is so genuine, and their customer service is above the rest. I emailed Carolyn during work telling her what car I was looking for, and how much I wanted to spend. Within seconds she sends me the information of the car available and my options & my car was delivered to my house the following day! Carolyn added my SUV to my insurance, and all I had to do was sign the paperwork. Carolyn is extremely helpful and answered my 100 questions with excitement. I did not have to step into a car dealership or leave my house. Carolyn did all the work for me and I will NEVER go back to dealing with dealerships again. I highly recommend Carolyn and the AB auto consulting team, they're fast, stress-free, and get you an affordable deal.


Such a great experience!! Thank you Carolyn :)You are amazing!!!!

Anthony C.

Just received a new 2017 Durango, working with Carolyn was a amazing. Lease payment is well below anything I have seen in any quote. There is no reason to ever stop foot in a dealership. Give All Brands a call, it's a no brainer. They come drop your new car off and take back your old one. Looking forward to working with All Brands again 18 months once our other lease becomes due. Thanks Carolyn for your work and help during this process!

Jamie W.

I cannot say enough about All Brands Auto. We were very skeptical to hear of such an easy way to get a new car because how could it be so easy?? We have all dealt with car dealerships and how could this be any different? Well nothing I have ever experienced before! It was just that....EASY! Carolyn was so patient and kind answering all of my questions. From start to finish she handled it ALL and my new SUV was delivered to me without a hitch. If you are thinking about a new car please reach out to her!! I will never step foot in a dealership again! Carolyn I can't thank you enough....I wish I could give more than 5 stars!

Joan A.

Thank you Carolyn for finding my apple red rogue, I love it!!! You did an amazing job couldn't of been easier!

Jeanne P.

Amazing painless experience would recommend to anyone hands down

Steven N.

Thanks for the sweet ride. You made the process effortless. Super fast and stress free.

Natalia C.

We had heard about All Brands Auto & decided to give it a shot! From the first email to delivery of our new car, the process was seamless - almost unreal! Carolyn was super responsive & was able to get us an amazing deal. We will never go through a car dealership again!
Thank you so much Carolyn for our new Pilot, we love it!

Maria D.

What an amazing experience! It's almost too good to be true! Carolyn was so great to work with and she was able to get me a really great deal on a 2016 Rogue lease. I can't imagine ever going into a dealership again. Thanks Carolyn!

Coleen T.

Carolyn made the entire process so easy it almost seemed too good to be true. At 8 months pregnant I had no desire to sit all day in a car dealership negotiating. My husband was initially skeptical but when he saw the deal we got he was completely convinced. We got a top of the line model for a bargain price! I can't recommend Carolyn and All Brands Auto Consulting enough!

Sean B.

This is my second purchase from ABL in less than a year. The first car was for my wife and the second was for me. Suzanne has sold me cars when she was a Sales Manager at a luxury brand years ago. Her style then was unique and courteous, she's brought that formula and more to ABL. I'll refer any potential clients to ABL. Keep it going Suzanne and team.

Nicole I.

Carolyn has made buying our last couple of cars super easy. I never had to step into the dealership with the kids!

Jake F.

Fast and responsive. I was comforted by the honest answers Carolyn gave me and now I'm in a car that I love.

Liza F.

Carolyn handled everything for me and made getting a new car a delightful experience!

Lisa B.

The Best.!!!!
Can not even imagine I ever went to a dealer all these years.!!!
I love Suzanne.!!!

Gerard R.

Thanks for all your work with finding my new cargo van. Great job!

Juliana D.

Outstanding service, no one else compares to Suzanne!